Oil crisis: the big picture


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The oil crisis is a big problem.

I mean HUGE problem. We have been taking oil from our own ground for hundreds of years, now we have also begun to steal it from 3rd world countries. I was watching this science movie about this topic and this man was talking about touring to europe and pakistan and africa and such.

He was saying things like this: (This quote is in my own words due to lack of exact memory.) "I would walk through the streets and people would rush from their homes to meet the american,then after oil was stolen, they no longer came. The american; me, was not a symbol of joy and riches, but a symbol of greed." It got me thinking.... I'm only twelve years old and i understand that we are making huge mistakes as a country, and as people, so why can't 47 year olds understand that,too?? They just want money. They just want power. They just want to get a nice new car.

Wake-up call everybody!! Those don't matter to most people, we (the smart ones) want health, happiness, and the important things like staying alive and not being oil ridden thiefs.

Oil would'nt be a big problem if we weren't so dependant on piddly little things. If we could focus on the importance of the environment's health and our's, too the we could be just fine. Think about this and my moving words. (haha) Just think, then do, then expand your knowledge to everyone.


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