One Day, Myself, PROVE IT!

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Ah! Finally I've found this website. Its like I'm dreaming. This is a big part of me. To be a "goodwill" oneday. Wondering I'll spent my time in UNICEF office and make some transformation from the first in my country and it'll be spread to all of the area in this world. I always feel so sadly when I see some children search for some of money in the traficlight, in a poverty, didn't get any education, didn't get affections from their parents, and etc. But I always thinking about one "complication" that i just a student in high school! Then i realize I couldn't do everything to help make their live to be prosperity. But now I realize too, that I must do more thing, that everyone often forget about this. PRAY, STUDY HARD, BELIEVE, and SACRIFICE! And one day I'll standing in a big events and represent my country! Is it impossible? NO! Cause I believe that I can!

So, how about your dreaming on? Could you share it for me? :)

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