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Thinking of a simple way to care for the environment and involve Scouts from around the world, Lucas Guilherme a Scout from the Rattlesnake Scout Group in Brazil had the idea to use the Internet as a tool (social networks, email and websites) to encourage every Scout to plant a tree!

His whole idea is based on the 7th Millennium Development Goal which is to “Ensure environmental sustainability”.

As you will see, it is really easy to take part...

You can gather your group, troop, patrol or even do it alone. Once you get the tree seedlings, which are native to your region (climate, soil, etc.), find an appropriate location and each Scout can plant their tree. Do not forget to mark this event by taking photos or making a video recording of your activity.

Once this is done, just send the following information details to projetoep@live.com:

  • Full name or first name
  • Section(s) involved (Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venture Scouts, Rovers or Adults)
  • City / Country
  • Name of the Scout Group
  • Number of trees planted
  • Photos or videos of planting (link or file)

Please note that only the trees planted from 18th November 2010 to 19th March 2011 will be included in the final report. You may of course continue to plant trees after this date, but they will unfortunately not be included in the final report of the project.

So get out there and participate, this is the opportunity to show the unity and strength of Scouting!

For more information on the project, visit the project blog or send us an email (projetoep@live.com).

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