Overcoming the Skills Mismatch

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Brussels, Belgium, April 2012.

ThinkYoung and Our Future Mobility Now launch a joint project focused on the gap between young people’s skills and the demand of the European job market. Divided into two phases, the study maps the current situation to propose a solution to the skills mismatch.

The first phase is a quantitative analysis created by the TY Research Center to enquire over the core reasons to the mismatch, to understand the gap between youth labour expectations and job market needs. Data will be collected through a survey in 16 languages, and will be submitted to key decision-makers in Brussels, due to find solutions. We expect to gather 750 answers or more.

The second phase takes a more qualitative approach to the issue: ThinkYoung LAB portrays European youngsters facing contemporary occupational challenges in different European regions. Both a documentary film and an online user-generated audiovisual archive will constitute a mosaic of the desires and needs of young Europeans on the job market today.

ThinkYoung is the first Brussels-based Think Tank run by and for European Youth. Founded in 2007, ThinkYoung is concerned about youth involvement in political life trough surveys, documentaries, conferences and publications. ThinkYoung is mainly focused on 5 fields of action: Environment, Education, Entrepreneurship, Digital Natives generation and Brinding gaps between European Countries.

Our Future Mobility Now is a project that brings together the mobile generation of the future and Europe’s leading vehicle manufacturers, building a community that imagines how the vehicles and transport we use will evolve and influence 21st Century life. Our Future Mobility Now is inviting Europe’s brightest young talent to get involved and have a say on the big issues facing the society.

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