Ozone problem solution (Project chpNature)

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Hello fellows. Well at star - Ozone molecule = three oxygen atoms, and its chemical symbol is O3. Their life time exceeding 20 minutes. Ozone freezes (-112oC), but begins to boil (+93 ° C).

So I have heard that if we do some friendly actions we can hope that it's fully restored on 2050-2060. Okay ... we can wait ... or .... I have an idea whitch hasn't been spoken out. It's 21st century. Chemistry, history and physics are doing great steps forward. And maybe this thought can be useful and disscusable.

World specialists could team up all these three areas (Chemistry,history,physics) and make a termo object where inside could be filled this O3. Chemistry can help with keeping molecules rebuild them selfs inside this termo place. Physic can build and project this object where will molecular gas (O3) be filled + how are we going to get it up and add these molecules inside object to upper molecules.

History can search for facts whitch are wanted for physic and chemstry + add their opinion based on historical facs while all this project is building.

I don't belive that all our planets specialists can't make suitable chemic gas, termo object and possibilty opinions to save our World!

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