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Youth with Disabilities in Africa recently converned in Nairobi ,Kenya the purpose of the converning dubbed "Rising Our voices for Inclusion" was to equip them with advocacy and lobbying strategies for the implementation of the UN CRPD in their countries we also learnt on the monitoring of the CRPD, palleral reporting and how youth with disabilities can influence the processes.

We came up with a declaration , The Nairobi African Youth with Disability declaration on inclusive participation and Development of may 2011 the decllaration challenges national goverments, NGOs and all stakeholders in the disability movement.

We finally came up with the African Youth With Disability Network that will enable all african youth to put up forces in advocating for the ratification, implementation reporting and monitoring.

i love art and painting and will use my talent to raise the voice of the youth. get my powerpoint presentation on the intiative 'painting the voice' we will keep you up dated!! contact me on also fllow my link on facebook!/simoneroku Simon Uganda

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