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As we've all seen through an assortment of media outlets, the catastrophes occurring in Japan are terrific. However, its hard to gauge how young people are directly affected by the events, in terms of there thoughts, worries, or messages to other young people throughout the rest of the world.

I decided to interview a close friend of mine (through Facebook) who is currently living near Tokyo, to give this audience a glimpse into the current feelings of a young person who is being impacted in every way possible because of the current (and potentially impending) disasters.

My friend has asked to remain anonymous, out of respect for the other countrymen who might voice different opinions regarding the recent tragedies. I have given her the title of K.

N: So where are you right now, what are you doing?

K: I am in Musashino-city, Tokyo. At home with my husband. I am chatting with you, nothing else. My husband is watching "young superman" online. It is 0:17 AM now. So kinda ready to go to bed.

N: What makes you the most nervous right now?

K: People are leaving Tokyo. This is what makes me nervous the most. I am worried about the aftershock, too. We just had a big one.

N: I heard, 6.4...

K: The epicenter is near the Mt. Fuji. What if the Mt. Fuji would explode? So scary. Mt. Fuji is an active volcano that has been inactive since its last eruption in 1707.

N: Wow...I couldn't imagine, volcano would be only other disaster that i guess could happen!

K: It is scary just to think about. I am very tired of worrying. Anything could happen. Things can get worse. Also, I am nervous about the radiation, too.

N: If you could share a message with young people throughout your country that might be scared, what would it be?

K: I am one of the young people who is scared. Oh, am I not young any more? (For the record, she is approximately 25).

N: You are young, but i meant maybe for the 12 year olds who are trying to be brave and must have no concept of what’s happening.

K: Oh i see. Well, Tokyo is in a chaos right now. Transportation is so chaotic that I cannot go to work. There have been scheduled blackout, which is not actually "scheduled." They cancelled it last 2 days in my area. They say it is better to stay at home because of the aftershocks of the quakes and the radiation risks. So I have been staying at home since march 11th. I miss my friends, my co-workers, my everyday life.

N: Life is at a standstill...

K: Yes. Many people are still working though, commuting to their company. Taking risks of the chaotic trains and radiation things. But on the other hand, many people have already left or are leaving Tokyo. Evacuated somewhere safe. I think I should stay calm. Do what I can do to reboot our country, our economy and bring some good or blight news to people who suffered from this horrible disasters.

N: I think you are right.

K: Staying at home does not help anything. I think it is the time to use my money to circulate economy here. Please also keep it anonymous. People are really sensitive about opinions right now. I think they are just being respectful for the people who have different opinions.

N: What’s your message to young people?

K: My message to young people is "think and find your answer on your own."

N: So what do you think about nuclear power now that your country has faced recent problems?

K: Nuclear power! I am angry at myself as I have never thought about it so seriously. I should have known or realized more about the risks. Even though we were bombed in Hiroshima and so much suffered, we are using it. This explosion of nuclear power plant had proved that there is no such a safe thing for human beings. We are really taking risks to maintain our modern life. I think we all should be aware of it.

N: Well thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the VOY community.

K: We can never live without destroying nature. That’s our modern life…

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