Public Opinion on Libya Sanctions



It's amazing how fickle public opinion is these days. I’ve been reading blogs and Facebook discussions about UN sanctions on Libya for several days now, in English and Russian and I just can’t believe what I am seeing.

When Sudanese government is annihilating its own people in Darfur there is uproar, everyone is saying, why wouldn't the UN do something about it? People are protesting, holding up signs “Save Darfur”. The failure to stop genocide in Rwanda is considered one of the biggest mistakes by the UN. But when the UN finally agrees on something, when it not only adapts sanctions but implements them as well, public opinion is suddenly against it, everyone's saying "who do they think they are to get involved in internal matters". Well, make up your mind already!

People start drawing parallels with Iraq or asking why didn’t the UN bomb Israel two years ago. “No fly zone” is being implemented in accordance with UN SC resolution that was passed without opposition. So to say that America is bombing Libya or call it “Obama’s war” would be just plain wrong.

Then there is a discussion of whether all other means of resolving the conflict were exhausted before the bombing, whether an embargo would have been better. But Qaddafi was BOMBING peaceful demonstrations. I think the sanctions were the right decision that will make other dictators around the world think twice before attacking their citizens.

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