Questions and Answers about an Infamous City

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“Isn’t it really dangerous?” they ask

And I purse my lips in response

“It is hard to explain to someone who has not lived there”

“Isn’t there always so much traffic?” they ask

And I shrug my shoulders in response

“I suppose there is, but much less than say, Nairobi”

“We’ve heard there isn’t much to do,” they say

And I shake my head in response

“I think you’ve been talking to the wrong people”

“We’ve heard it’s a pretty ugly place,” they say

And I raise my eyebrows and frown

“Only to those who don’t open their eyes”

“So why do you love this city so much?” they ask

And I smile widely

And my eyes light up

And excitement enters my voice

In response

“Well just how much time have you got?”

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