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Fried Chicken, Big Lips, Red Kool-Aid, Horrible Grammar, Ghetto, Loud-Talking, etc......

When these words are brought up most people think of black people. They get these images of African- Americans of being outrageous characters because of the things they have heard or seen. However, today I have decided that it is time for me to stand up and to correct the myriad of unseen judges, you know, the people who have deemed themselves capable of knowing what ALL black people are like.

Black people are not all the same. Just as white, Hispanic, Asian, mixed, purple, or whatever race of people aren't the same. We vary in size, shape, skin tone, and attitude, and we are molded by our experiences not by where we come from. Not all black people can dance and no, we don't all like fried chicken. No one should base their knowledge on an ENTIRE race off of 1 or 2 people. No one will never be able to say that ALL white people or ALL black people or ALL whoever do everything the same way.

Another thing that I want to annouce is that just because a person likes to use correct grammar or do a certain type of thing, doesn't mean that they are trying to act "white" or "black" they are simply acting as themselves.

*Sorry about this rant, this isn't going to be the last one either & this one isn't finished.

** I wasn't trying to make anyone feel bad or offend anyone in any type of way because I love everyone... :D

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