Sanitary System in India


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In India, the lack of clean and safe toilets is a true fact. in most of rural areas and in the city, but some things are unavoidable we have to see it.

1) In India every sector, government or private, is enforcing people to have toilets. If they don’t, they face punishment.

But there must be UNDERGROUND SEWAGE SYSTEM in every area before compulsion of toilets because now a days if someone builds toilet its sanitary waste, bathrooms waste water spreads around the home or roads.. it’s too harmful.

2) Lack of space: village families often do not even have space for themselves, how will they manage extra space for toilet?

In-spite they use to go in farms. There should be common toilets with public involvement. Every one of that group should maintain it for their rights and duties also.

3) Water problem, if people don’t have enough water to drink, how can they use buckets of water for the toilet. They manage their farms with small quantity.

4) Money problem: People can’t afford building a toilet if it doesn’t have a lower cost.

5) Lack of motivation: People would rather make a profit than focus on other things.

6) To educate people from childhood about cleanness and health are mirror images. They depend upon each other.

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