Should Celebrities Be Doing More? And Japan should feel.


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The research is clear that consumers and users throughout the world pay attention to celebrities Companies are well aware of this information as well, and as such, 4 of the 10 most popular ads throughout the Super Bowl (US's National Football League Championship) were endorsed by "major" celebrities.

Now its obvious that these celebrities had an impact on the individuals who watched the game through television or internet, and brands like Venus and Best Buy reaped the benefits from such "greats" as Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and Ozzy Osbourne. But my larger question, what if these celebs spent more time advocating for the non profit world or disaster relief efforts, like say assisting with raising awareness and funds for relief efforts in Japan,

I find it bewildering that such stars like aforementioned Justin Bieber, who made god knows how much money starring in a commercial for Best Buy can only suggest to his followers to donate money through a few tweets. Doesn't the young gentlemen realize yet that you must lead by example?

How much better of a world would it be, I wonder, if these celebrities cast aside their "careers" and spent all of their focusing on relief work in the world, at least for a week (gasp). No doubt if Justin tweeted extensively on the Japan crisis and discussed the efforts he was constantly engaged in (or even providing incentives to his fans for actions such as free concert tickets or benefit shows), the middle ranks of this world would be a more concerned and engaged in the global affairs of the world (immersion into dire issues one way or another is better than no way).

So if you were a celebrity how would you feel if such a disaster were to happen? Would you consider the impact your presence in the world has in terms of effecting others, or would you donate a paltry $7,500 like Mr. Charlie Sheen did from the $300,000 he is earning from live performances in Chicago and Detroit.

We live in strange times, and it's beyond me while people all over the world cannot understand what it means to suffer. And whose responsibility is it to change the moral compass of the mass populations if not the ones who they hope to emulate in every way? I pray that Los Angeles never has to deal with tsunamis, earthquake, and nuclear radiation all at once, but if they do, I can only wonder what kind of immediate support Justin and Charlie would desire.

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