Should unhealthy foods be regulated by the government?


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Obesity and and unhealthy diet have plagued America for the past half of a century. But does that mean that the government should take responsibility for regulating some of the more unhealthy foods on the market?

Personally, I think that the responsibility of regulating foods. I think that the people should ultimately take responsibility for what they eat. Even though I do not think that unhealthy foods should be regulated, I believe that the subsidies that have been placed on corn should be removed. The subsidies on corn are money given to farmers by the government to farm a certain type of crop. The reason that these subsidies should be removed is because corn is used in the making of almost all food as corn syrup, corn starch, or preservatives. The use of corn to make all of this food is suspected by many scientists to be unhealthy. So, I think that it would be better to remove the subsidies on corn and put the subsidies on healthier fruits and vegetables instead.

That way, healthier foods would be cheaper and more available to the less wealthy people. This would increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and would (hopefully) decrease the intake of corn, thus reducing the obesity rate in the U.S.

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