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Ahead of launching the first episode of the brand new #ShugaRadio series – here’s a preview of what to expect…

As Shuga Radio kicks off today, we would like to introduce you to 19 year old Sofia. She’s a beautiful girl in a small village on the outskirts of Kisumu with big dreams of finding a well-paying job and reuniting with her childhood sweetheart Fally in the big city.

Sofia’s parents are however strict and very protective of their only daughter, so in order to make her dream trip Sofia blatantly lies to them that she already has a job offer in the city.

Will Sofia’s parents let her go? If she manages to go, how will she handle the change of pace in the big city as well as the possibility of meeting Fally again? What precautions do you think Sofia should take?

You’ll have to tune in later to find out. The episode will be going live in the Swag Media section of the MTV Shuga blog today at 19:30 EAT

Checkout the Shuga Radio Episode 1 Premiere Promo here:

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