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I though it was time I write an article again, but a simple one. A relaxed one, not something factual and that. But rather a more... personal article :)

Today, on my way to Tech-Ed class, the most peculiar thing happened... In a rush too get my tasks handed in, so that I could zoom off too the art class and swim in my love for paint, I walked with purpose, in a hurry, paying no attention too my surroundings.

When suddenly, out of the blue! An elderly gentleman placed his hand on my shoulder, stopping me dead in my tracks. It was a surprising enough to have some old man touching you, so one can imagine my confusion, when I looked up too see he had an aloof grin on his face.

The gentleman said too me: "My dear girl, why do you take life so seriously?" A little offended at the remark, and a tad agitated that this stranger was delaying my schedule, I rudely replied "I have somewhere to be Sir." And began taking a step forward. "STOP!" cried the old man, a unexpected sound of alarm in his voice. "You nearly stepped on a flower.. growing in the cracks. And you never even noticed..."

And it was right then, when I looked down, seeing the most beautiful, fragile, soft pink Blossom lying beneath my large, unforgiving foot... It was then that I realized, just how much, we take for granted.

And the more I thought about it... the more I realized. That we have been living in a room without windows, away from the sun, with no oxygen. We rush along with our lives, not even look at people's faces, going our ways. But it's time we Wake up! And smell the roses.. Because life is happening, and we don't know it. We need to wake up, take a moment. A moment too grab life in you hands... and own it :)

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