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As we continue to be the next leaders the world is looking up to: what have we done in preparation for the ones below us? Great leaders have passed on the values of good morals. Maybe some haven't, but this is an individual choice for a youth. It’s not about how you will be passive or active in society, it’s about you being an example to the rest. This all starts right with positive thoughts in you, making a change can start as small as a smile. Telling someone you love them regardless of who they are or what impact they have upon your life... Education and qualifications play a big role in building leaders but not 100%, what will count most will be how many lives you have impacted even when the title of a doctor or teacher has been laid aside.

So as a youth, character and a good heart don't need qualifications and you can thrive on this to become a good leader that the world is waiting for...Start with a thank you, extend gratitude, and have compassion with a friend or even a stranger. These are not things that will be taught in our lecture rooms that's why those who have discovered them have something more precious than gold. A leader thrives on the thought that he is servant to his people; they can be family members, teachers, and society. Everyone in the world was born a leader, it’s about finding that spark, leaders are not made in classroom...they are born in their thought and like a fragrance, it all spreads out.

To all the Youth, let’s be the next great leaders the world has been waiting for.


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