Special Focus theme: The road to the UN High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development 2013

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Hopefully there will be a Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in 2012 and the UN will host a major debate on migration and development 2013 at the UN High Level Dialogue. Do you think the UN and the GFMD should give more attention to the topic of youth migration - its positive and negative implications for development in countries of origin, transit and destination? If so, why? And on what specific theme do you think they should focus?

Gender and Age focus

A UN reports states, women and girls now make up half of all international migrants, totalling 95 million What does this figure state/say to you? Does it represent the inequality women face in the workforce and/or lack of educational opportunities in their country of origin? How do we ensure that migration policies are child, youth, and gender-sensitive as most of the time it is children and women that are put in highly risk situations in the host and/or home nation?

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