Subjective Education? Subjective versus Objective.


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As we know, education is a very important element in our life. Without it, one can never go far in one’s life. What are objective education and subjective education? Objective education is what we all learned in schools. For example, mathematics, sciences, language, sports and arts are all objective education. Most schools only provide objective education, but not subjective education. Subjective Education is the knowledge of the self. It helps one to understand and realizes the true self. All our goals and dreams came from subjective education. Since we were born, parents are the one that given us the subjective education. Parents taught their kids what to do and what not to do, what is right and what is wrong. Subjective education is equally important as objective education. Nowadays, people are lost and they do not know what to do in their life. Mainly the reason is because of the lack of subjective education. Thus, it is very important to provide subjective education in schools.

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