Tanzania's Goverment stands of for Childrens Rights.

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The government of Tanzania, recently released a survey to find the true statistics of children suffering at the hands of violence. The survey itself, will seek to find where violence is occurring to children. The survey interviewed, 3,739 young girls and boys, with 120 interviews carrying out the questionnaires.

Dorothy Rozga, UNICEF representative for Tanzania, stated: “Under the leadership of the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children, the the Multi-Sector Task Force is developing a 4-year National Prevention and Response Plan to Violence against Children (2011 – 2015) as a clear indication of its commitment to transform research into action. With the support of all sectors and all members of society, including the media, faith based organizations and civil society; there is a very real opportunity for Tanzania to reduce sexual, physical and emotional violence against children,”

The results of the surveys showed a grim picture. Survey results, showed that 3 out of ten girls suffered from sexual violence, and a further 1 in 7 young men has been sexually abused.A further 3 quarters has been psychically abused as children. The Guardian reported further results of the study saying " 78% of girls and 67.4% of boys said they had been punched, kicked or whipped more than five times by a teacher before they turned 18. Ndyetabura, requested that the worlds most vulnerable children include not only those who need, homes, and to be clothed and fed, but also those suffering from violence in any form.

These surveys were commissioned, after request in 2006 by the United Nations to find out the true scale of the problem. This initiative will undoubtedly bring the real issues into focus, and help a more realistic approach to be developed. The truth remains that until the scale of abuse, and other violations of human rights, then the problems cannot be addressed in full totality.

Will the United Nations be inspired to help develop other initiatives to find the true scale of other major problems? With the world, economy and education that seems to be crumbling beneath our hands - will humanity have the strength, and initiative to create a better, more sustainable, safer - future for everyone?

Photo from: Schools of St Jude, Tanzania.

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