The Child in Us


Nadhila Adan

A lot have changed within just a few months. More building developments, more traffic, more beggars. One thing I could never fathom is why are these beggars crawling around the streets of the metropolitan? We can hardly find them in villages. The life in the village is more... calming.

Returning back to Jakarta, my home town, could give me a headache. It could give anyone a headache. But then, I realized it is the place where a lot of dreams are sketched. Living in an imperfect environment makes people think of the perfect one. "Oh, what if nobody is homeless?", "Oh, what if trees surrounds our houses, rather than buildings?"

All these "what if's" only occur in the minds of those who dream of the better. Movements and actions have been founded for a better living environment, but the problems never come to an end. A lot of issues are brought up, from poverty to climate change. But in my opinion, the fundamental problem lies in the morality of the people. If you ask me where we should start fixing the problem of a developing country, it's the morality of the people. There's a small difference between education and morality. School these days teaches its students how to use their brain, not much of their heart. Math, physics, chemistry, economics, all these are being "thrown out" by teachers for their students to "swallow". But honesty, tolerance, attitudes, cooperation, respect towards others and the environment are being forgotten by students and teachers these days. Everyone is competing to get into top universities, scholarships, jobs, etc.

Morality only seems to be planted by our kindergarten teachers. As we grow up, it remains buried. Now we can see all the problems in the world develop because we are lacking these aspects. Billions of dollars of corruption is the result of dishonesty, waste problem is the result of ignorance and disrespect towards the environment, fights and war between clans or countries is the result of selfishness and intolerance.

So, let's look back to those days when teachers still remind us to say "please and thank you" or to not bully and pick on your friends, or to not hit your friends. Let that child grow again in all of us.

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