The Crisis Continues in Africa and The Youth Are Called To Help.

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As Millions of people starve, the world sits, unable to know what to do next. Already, thousands of children have died as the result of the famine and drought in Somalia, coming from the countries endless battle against war and global warming. When all else is gone, will humans stand to support each-other, side by side, brother by brother?

In the words of Mark Bowden, humanitarian coordinator for the United Nations, said, “Every day of delay in assistance is literally a matter of life or death.” This is in fact true, with people dying within minutes of each-other, and aid struggling to get there on time. When there is enough supplies to help- and right now, it seems as though Somalia is in desperate need for people to donate what they can.

As response to the emergency, aid is now being airlifted to Somalia, to over come national political barriers. An estimated $1.6 Billion is still needed to help. Mothers and Children are seen walking hundreds of miles in blistering heat, sometimes days and weeks without food. Many children do not make it. The UNHCR are still pledging or more funding, as they have only received 45% of the total amount needed. Many believe that a portion of this can be made through private donations. The question is, are the youth willing to fund-raise for this cause? “There has been a catastrophic breakdown of the world’s collective responsibility,” Spoke Fran Equiza, Director, Oxfam. “The warning signs have been seen for months, and the world has been slow to act.” Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban-Ki-Moon stated “the United Nations has been sounding the alert for months.”

On the 10 August, Ban - Ki- Moon addressed students in Japan. Although his visit was primary focus on the Fukoshima Disaster, he also spoke of the Horn Of Africa crises, saying “Your voice is much stronger than prime ministers’ or any politicians" and, “I am carrying back your voices to the United Nations.” The call for the youth to act is strong. CNN has urged the youth to use social networking and other methods to help raise awareness.

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