The problem with creationism.


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More and more youths are contaminated with religion nowadays. Many would wonder why use the term "contaminate" isn't religion a good thing? A base to all morality? i will use Christianity as an example.

As an ex-christian, i've seen how brain-washing the bible and the teachings of Christianity were. there's nothing wrong to brain-wash, in fact, it's even a good thing that people are devoted to a religion. But the bad have to come with the good, and the bad that comes with the good of religion is ignorance.

Christians, especially young ones are told to believe in every word of the bible. The bible which is so called a "holy book" written by anonymous self claimed prophets about 2000 years ago, the worst part is, it plants creationism inside people's head. Even evolution are as evident through scientific observations and researches , creationism is still what most Christians choose to believe in. The very worst part is, their denial to science is so strong that they say, fossils, dinosaurs ( which is not mentioned in the bible ) are the works of the devil to confuse us, absurd? ignorant? imagine the children are brought up in this way, their future.

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