The universality of love.

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I believe in the power of being nice to people. You see, if you notice it, everybody takes everyone around them for granted. Be it parents, friends, classmates or even random people you meet everyday. We can't be sure of what problems they're having. They might be facing a small problem, it might be something big. For all I know, our actions will have some kind of impact on them. Take beggars for example, $1 could mean nothing much to you but it could mean a world to them. Sometimes, it does not have to be in terms of cash to have an impact on people's life, a smile could cheer them up. Some people just need somebody they could talk to, somebody that listens and not have to pay to talk, somebody that we call friend. A real friend that is there through thick and thin. These things maybe simple but you'll be surprise of how small things like this could change someone's life. Love everybody around you. I believe if people really believe in this than the world could be a better place, or at least better than it is now.

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