They teach us LIFE !

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Life is a great word made up of four small letters. How would it feel if you woke up in the morning to find yourself laying underneath a tree embracing a crying young boy? How would it feel if you felt sick and went to one of those Healthcare’s tents to see a doctor, to tell you that you are a HIV positive and your two-year-old kid is affected too? How would it feel if you couldn't find anything to wear, anything to eat, anything to drink and anything … just anything to give to your little boy to make him stop crying?

There in Africa, a mother and her young kid don’t have any place to go and nobody to depend on; struggling by her own to raise a two-year-old boy. She just knew that she is HIV positive and her boy is sick too. She felt like a rootless dying tree but she has to stay strong and to fight for her kid. What could she do to make everything better? They say you have to treat HIV positive people as normal people so they can feel comfortable, but what does normal mean? They are not normal; you are wondering why, well even though they are affected with this deadly virus, they are living. We are trying to give them hope and life, we are trying to help them survive this one-way journey, we tried to tell them that everything is going to be okay and to hold their hands tight saying that we are here for them. But actually, we are the ones who are anxious, we are the ones who are worried and we are the ones afraid of facing death not them. By smiling every day they are the ones who are giving us hope, with a weak body and vivacious soul, they are the ones who are teaching us Life. While choosing the picture for this article, I was looking for a Black and White photo but seeing those two smiling faces, I though “Colors give life, Colors give hope”. No black and white picture but rather a picture of two faces colored with life. Looking at those hands makes me feel worthless to award them.

Life is a great word made up of those people smiles, hopes and dreams.

Scientists are searching for a medicine to this virus and that’s great but why don't we start to ask the question “Why does HIV exist in the first place?” Why don't we start looking for permanent solutions in order to stop this disease? We have to know why people use drugs and to stop them from using injections. We have to know why those young ladies choose to go down that way and why do they attempt to sell their bodies. We have to know those reasons so we can help them. We have to sensitize people, that not only their lives are on the line but others can get harmed as well. Finally I want to say that not only medicines can save somebody’s life but also looking beyond the diseases and thinking of the “Why” more than the “How” can keep someone out of the hospital and save a soul from death.

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