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We all have had good education some of us are still going on with our education but for a moment think about those who don't get education.This poor children have a small room with over 50 students in a class.we nowadays have a limit of 30 per class but this students are in a conjusted place and that is dangerous to there health.

No fresh air to breath, hardly no window in a room,not any highly educated teacher who has any teaching education and the building,the place the building is situated is so dirty that 33% of the children in world die out of diseases due to dirty environment. Girl child education is a problem. Girls are given no education in some parts of the world . 44% out of all girls are getting quality education in the world. Now we can see the drastic disaster . Many believe that girls are the worlds future and our future bu if there is no education for them then how will they be the future? Like the BRAC has done a lot for girl education and we should do the same for them by bringing up institutes that supports girl child education. The reason why people don't want to educate girls is because they believe that the girl gets married and leaves the house and it does not benefit the family but if she works then it will benefit the family .

This is what the poor people have thought about the girl child education and many still do it. Everyone reading this blog now think about those who haven't got educated and not gone to school like us. We can change this together support girl education and we will have a literate world a wonderful one indeed.Its you and me who have it on our hands.

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