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Hello everyone, I'm İdil, From Turkey. 4th of May is a holiday called hıdırellez in Turkey on which we celebrate the upcoming summer. It is an old tradition to show our greetings to spring and summer with nevruz and hıdırellez.

Nevruz is the beginning of a new year in old Turkish mythology and it means "new day". Since Turks had a nomadic lifestyle back then, it was really important for them for spring to come because spring meant refreshment and change so it was a new year for them. So you can think hıdırellez is like the second base of nevruz.

I think that having this kind of traditions make our culture very rich and interesting. Like the other cultures of the world, so I can share them with you people and learn from you as well. But I wouldn't able to observe and share this great culture of mine if my school didn't support these celebrations and teach me what they are. So I would like to tell about my teachers Latife and Filiz. Thanks to these two energetic women we have to change to attend something called "Türk Günü", an event in which we pick 3 cities from Turkey, present them in stands, serve traditional food and dance to our traditional music. We have great fun and learn a lot.

I think these events are, really good for us to find out our rich culture, inspirational and educational. Do you have similar celebrations in your school or what do you think of them ?

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