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This may not sound like you want it but we as humans must stand for what is right, as an African, a Nigerian, I sometimes try to ask why there are so many whys in Africa? Under age sex happens almost everywhere in the world but in a country were the law is bent to suite our hearts, all you do is cry. In part one I mentioned some facts about the violations of girls before they enter their puberty age, now I will mention the part of the mother being helpless due to the superiority of the African father as the almighty provider and the one who has the final word in the family.

This is because most African fathers see their wives as "HOUSE WIVES" in its meaning. The mothers are not allowed to work in support to the family and even less they have a say. Hunger sends out under-age girls to use what they have to get what they want especially in cases were the child is orphaned which many see as an avenue to exploit and ruin the girls. The Entertainment industry also has ruined our society in its own way of immoral dress code and staged movie sex which many don’t understand and end up practicing what they see on screens.

Mind you that the dress code of a single girl can make men lust after her. In other cases, the peers of a girl have a very great influence in the life of the girl and so the girl has to do her bit to blend into the growing adventure of her friends and age grades which turns out to be the collapse of her prime. The girl is the most important factor of generational breeding as they carry the life cord of humanity so in part 3 we'll see how to slow it and maybe put a stop to it.

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