Unemployment For A Young Population


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I live in the United States, New York to be specific. I've got countless friends who can't find jobs. These individuals are bright, talented, and hard workers. I always think about the daily struggles of other young people around the world when trying to find work.

I remember when I was jobless. Ashamed to spend time with my friends who were proud members of the working class, never wanting to hang out with people in my free time because either I didn't want to spend money, or I didn't want someone to bring up the fact that I wasn't employed (it embarassed).

I realize now that this is a subject where people can't be humiliated about. As many economies around the world struggle, I think its imperative that we as a young population come together around the issue, and learn from each other. It's also important for those with jobs to help others without find guidance and support. Feeling connected by a job is also more about the financial benefit, its about feeling like you belong to something bigger than yourself.

I think its important that countries with low unemployment rates (South Korea, Switzerland, Netherlands) share best practices and strategies with countries that posses the highest. The stronger the relationships of young people throughout all countries, working together, the better of our global young population will be. Working together builds trust, and trust creates a relationship. A relationship breeds compassion and sincerity. This sincerity is essential in a collaborative effort, as passion behind our motives is critical in young people finding their place.

I look forward to hear your comments! Thanks All!

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