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CHANGE - it's a continuous process; an eternal journey. Change-ends within itself. Termination of change is to start another new journey of change. So, basically the world is changing since it's birth whether it is positive or negative, good or bad, optimistic or pacimistic, towards X-axis or Y-axis; whatever-wherever-whenever it is- the reality is it's happening & it will continue to happen. But - every change is not accepted, is not welcomed by all every time regarding or regardless the place, the time, the race & the custom.We never change with every change but sometimes we change totally with change. Its because... ONLY- the change, that is to ensure a better tomorrow for the mankind; change to build a warmth environment to enjoy the meaning of life; change for a peaceful world-for a humanitarian society-for an enlightened person-for a prosperous country - always welcomed & never neglected by all despite every condition.

Now on the eve of this great event of International Youth Day if we really want the welcoming change we must build a youth society with the- sense of responsibility sense of humanity sense of accountability knowledge with character *career with responsibility Only then we can assure the change we dream for what...

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