We Are Young

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Very little amount of teenager are aware that they can make a change, that their countries future is on the palm of their hand, that the world peace or any other goal of humankind are relied on their shoulder.

most of their vision are blunt by the smoke of cigarettes or pots, the blossoming minds which should have been filled by bright ideas and inspirations are filled by hilarious imagination caused by mushrooms or other kind of drugs instead, most of the days which should have been spent to gain experience and knowledge are used to live under 'YOLO', breaking curfews, losing controls, experiencing wild sex, ending up wasted or being young parents.

it's not that being young parents are bad, but most of us are still not ready, and hey, the freedom and time of being youth should have been used to travel the world! to create new inventions! to inspire! to embrace our potentials! and to make our parents and our nations proud!

I am utterly loathed by those people who say that the youth are broken, that we are unreliable and we are the wasted generation.


The current leaders will grow older by time, and like it or not, they will be replaced by the youngsters. The wheel will continue to spin around, we will not be forever young, we will grow older and we must be mature, we will later be leaders. The future of our country is in our hand!

Stop thinking that you are invisible, Stop presuming that nothing is going to change if you make your positive plans come true! No matter how little they are, they will contribute a lot to the stigma of OUR generation, to the development of OUR nation, OUR world!

Soon, the wasted generation will be the succeeded generation.

Start from the little thing, start from TODAY. Today, we are young!!

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