While others throw away the food,most of us sleep hungry!

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I read the link posted a few days ago with regard to 1 billion tonnes of food being wasted annually.

Did you know, that in Kenya there are people who can go two days without eating every week and survive on one meal a day for the rest of the week?

Did you know that the reason food is THROWN away, is because it's much more than what the people require in that region.

Sadly, we are sooo Obsessed with keeping whats "OURS" that in the end we don't give out anything.

But weirdly enough, it rots so "WE" don't eat what we didn't share and those poor children around the world, and the underpriviledged live on scraps.

I want to ask you a question. When you have leftovers, do you give them to the needy? When you have more than you require do you think of that person who doesn't have even what will keep him going?

What are you doing about the people around you that suffer? What are you doing to reduce the wastage?

You could start by giving the leftovers to people who need them. It might not be much to you, but it could mean saving someone's life.

The choice is yours, remember it all starts with You!

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