Why do people like to stay up late?


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Nowadays young people, especially college students tend to stay up late every night. Some of them just loitering in facebook, some are claimed that they are actually studying, and also few of them have the problem of sleeping (Insomnia). Whatever the reason is, why should them just wasting their time by doing something meaningless instead of getting a nice sleep? Most of them are saying that they can’t sleep at earlier time because sleeping late has become the habit and it is hard to change it. Some are saying that only when it is getting late, they got the feeling to do something else. While some of students will argue that most of the social activities start late, such as partying, clubbing, playing online games, online chatting and etc. They are willing to sacrifice their precious hour to sleep and until next day, they are late for class and they just skip the lectures. It is not something encouraged to do so but it apparently has becoming a common practice – whoever sleep earlier, they are proletariat and for those who sleep late, they are bourgeoisie. It is said so because college students tend to have their night life better than day life. As consequences, one doesn’t stay up late for some social life is considered as subculture towards those who have night life. And that’s the reason people have developed the bad habit – to stay up late.
As for those who claimed that they have problem of sleeping, most frequent answer is stress and depression. One who thinks a lot couldn’t get a nice sleep because their brains can’t stop thinking although it is time for sleep. Those have depression got the same answer as they can’t stop thinking over a tiny matter. Also, there are some students who really study hard until midnight. No matter what reason you have, staying up late is definitely bad for your health. Maybe now you still haven’t feel any problem, but when you grow older, those sickness will eventually come to you and make your life miserable. So why not get your things done before going to sleep?

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