Why do we fight?


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I really don't understand why people fight. It is something that crosses my mind every so often.I don't like violence and I try my best to stay away from it. I understand that people get angry and that causes fights. If people do not get angry then there will be no fights. War is not a good thing. We kill each other for the smallest of reason. It could be because of land, politics or resources. But is it worth killing for? I don't think so. Some people might disagree, some might agree. I believe that war is not needed. Throughout history humans have been fighting war, even before recorded history. History tells us that wars are inevitable. For example, Word War 2 was fought because, as I see it, politics. It caused the deaths of millions of people, not only those who fought the war but also civilians. I really think we should find a better way to solve our differences. I do not know how and maybe there is not a way but, I hope that wars will not be fought because of some dumb people and for dumb reasons. Only when there is no way to come to an agreement should wars be fought.

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