Women empowerment- Is it really happening?

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One of my favourite quotes: “People called me feminist because I wanted to be treated as something more than a doormat”- Anonymous.

Nevertheless, I do call myself a feminist. But I’m not sure the society knows what women empowerment is. Is it just about getting them education and jobs? Surely all that is provided for men too! There are hardly any organisations that promote feminism and work on it. What they are doing when they fight for women’s rights are fighting for human rights!

Women are still the lower section in the society because inherently men are made to be superior, and women are taught to accept it. As kids, we hardly learn about women warriors, scientists, or even characters in stories. When we do encounter them, they are always portrayed in conventional roles. The same applies to movies. In India we hardly ever come across movies like Lara Croft, or even Margaret Thatcher (Save for ‘No one killed Jessica’, which is the real-life story of two women who went all the way to secure justice for a murdered sister). Why? Chauvinistic men wouldn’t watch them. It is always the women who are the wives of heroes, assistants of superstars. So I guess it is too much to expect that they be given real jobs in flying a fighter jet!

Although young women have emerged as winners in various fields today, they still have to obey husbands and fathers. The mentality is imbibed in women too and they refuse to change! They are the ones who need to give up their careers to raise children (In many cases). It’s interesting to note that roles have been reversed in countries like Holland, where the fathers stay at home to raise their kids. But a thought like that in India would be considered preposterous!

Young women in India cannot do much without an identity for themselves. Equality in the job sector and education may soon be realised, but what about equality in the minds of people? I think it’s time we started looking into this matter.

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