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These Rights are supported by law, local custom and behaviour, whereas in other they may be ignored or suppressed.This is an issues which commonly associated with notions of women's rights, even though are not limited to bodily integrity and autonomy; voting, and so on. Feminism is taking a huge role in this society these days, as it belief in social, economic, and political equality for women. Women’s rights are violated daily in specific ways, be it through rape, sexual harassment or domestic violence. These rights can also be violated also through denial of employment, educational or other kind of opportunities, especially in work place, there's always a glass ceiling for women compare to men. I think women are capable to handle jobs just like men, there shouldn't be a glass ceiling for women. Also, in educational field, there is a research saying that women are mostly well educated compare to men these days, with this statement, I personally think that women should be treat equality than being look down.

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