Women's vulnerability to climate change

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If we analyze the current aspects of society, we find large and significant differences between both genders worldwide. But, why this happens? Historically, women had been the element of the planet, more fragile and less powerful, compared with men. However, these real and troubling paradigms have changed over the years with the inclusion of women in all major sectors of society. From politics, to economics, trade, the environment, in general, an endless array of activities essential to global development.

However, the women even today remain as vulnerable element in the planet because many environmental and social problems, like the climate change (particularly in some places of the world).

How is vital relation between women and climate change? Why is the women the element of the society more vulnerable? The different socioeconomic conditions and level education determine highlythe vulnerability consequences about climate changes, above all, the communities that sustain their lifes with natural resources.

The roles and works between men and women often are different. In this cases, we can see how the responsabilities and oportunities for work or obtain land are very distant.

Also, the climate change impacts depending on various ways, if technical tools, support and capabilities are different between genders. Recent studies have shown that in parts of the world where the impact of drought is very high, men migrate looking for better working conditions or living, while the women stay at home taking care of own living and their children, but adding problems socio-environmental character.

When it comes to project formulation of a national or international interest, should involve women as a fundamental element of the planet and especially to the vulnerability created by climate change.

We must think and see, the women like the most important element in the planet. Because the mother Earth is woman and she called "Gaia"....

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