Xenophobia in the United States

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If I'm honest, I almost titled this post, "Xenophobia in America." But I quickly caught and fixed this mistake. Xenophobia is one of the biggest problems facing the United States right now and even something as simple as the title of a post can make the problem even worse. One group is above all others when it comes to facing the xenophobia of the United States. That group being Muslims.

After the attacks of 9/11 a large population of the United States immediately made the assumption that any and all Muslims are terrorists and are out to destroy the United States. By this point, we should all know that that is not the case. Islamic practicioners live amongst us everyday, usually in fear for being scapegoated and ridiculed for their religion.

This insane xenophobia has even captured the attention of the national media. We all know about the country of the "ground-zero mosque." A little known fact, is that if you stand where the proposed mosque is, you cannot see ground-zero, and vice-versa. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is the freedom of religion. It does not specify whether or not any religion can build its sanctuary at any given location. This whole issue is ridiculous and a full-faced example of xenophobia.

The best tool to combat xenophobia is education. If the United States as whole could become generally informed about the Islamic faith and the Arabian culture, we would not live in such unnecessary fear.

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