Yes or No to Sex Education?


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This is an issue that I see happening today. In some parts of the world, sexual education is taught at school as early as the fourth grade, while in some, several factors like religion hinder this type of education to be taught in schools. But first we must ask ourselves, with the modernization that is happening to the world, doesn't it seem like maybe we have to look past religious circumstances when it comes to education?

Let us look first at some factors on why some parents/adults say no to sex education. Some reasons I've acquired are that kids are simply too young to be taught about 'sex'. Second is that if they are educated on this matter, they will be tempted to try it and this will lead to a higher rate of teen pregnancies.

Based on what I learned form my sex ed classes, which I took while I was in the 4h grade, we were never taught how to actually have intercourse. The class was simply to inform students of the changes that is happening in their bodies, which I think is very helpful since most kids are probably too shy to confront their parents about this topic.

Now, if the issue is that the kids are too young, I suggest that schools take it step by step. As they reach a higher grade/year, the topics being discussed should be more emphasized, as students are maturing.

I believe that education should always start at an early age. It is better to make students aware of what our human body is capable of. It is also wise to let them know the risks of getting different diseases and the importance of protection during intercourse. If they have knowledge about this, I believe that the younger generation will be more prepared and will not be tempted to try intercourse out of curiosity.

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