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Young Voices for the Planet | Trailer

The Young Voices for the Planet films document inspiring youth solutions to the global warming crisis: kids shrinking their carbon footprint and fighting climate change. These films are effective—they take adults and kids alike from hopeless to hopeful. In Plant for the Planet, 11-year old Felix from Germany plants a million trees and says “if the adults won’t do something, we have to because they will only be around for another 20 years but we will be around for another 80, and our grandchildren even longer”.

Students implement their own projects, garner support from scientists, teachers, parents and fellow students and take action to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Alec Loorz creates an ‘imatter” campaign and writes a Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels. Others ban plastic bags, save marine life, reduce waste through a Clean Canteen and Clean Plate Club, conduct energy audits and save their school $53,000 in energy costs! These youth solutions make common sense!

Beautifully filmed in high definition, these 8 short films (3-7 minutes) were produced and directed by author/ illustrator Lynne Cherry, best known for her rain forest classic/bestseller, The Great Kapok Tree, and were inspired by her award-winning children’s book on climate change co- authored with photojournalist Gary Braasch.

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