16 days of activism to eliminate violence against women

women support women

Last week began the 16 days of activism to eliminate violence against women. And unfortunately in the society where I live we are very far from meeting the goal of these dates, that is why I decide to speak and write, that is why I commit to fight, because there are many women who cannot do it and that marks us, It changes us, it hurts us.

It is getting up every day and seeing another victim on television, on the networks seeing another request for help or on the street seeing how the harassment is normalized, it is living in fear for me and for many, but since I realize that fear does not change anything and it already exhausted me.

Today that fear turns into anger, fury, and that is why I speak, that is why I decide to express my words to you men, because this is your responsibility, because you are the ones who generate it, because one more day I go out on the street and I have to stand their horrible looks and comments about ME, my body, the way I see and that is none of your business and never will be.

So don't yell at me, don't touch me, don't bother me or anyone. If you started this, it is also you who must end it. There is no justification for violence, and the benefit of silence is not an option for anyone, and in these 16 days we are going to fight together and I hope you read, listen and think about the messages we are giving, and above all please do not share in social media and criticize.  Because laughing off our pain is a way of showing us how much lack of critical thinking you have.

The only way of changing the society is the education, please share information and help me and other activists to make our message massive