The 3C Campaign to cheer our Frontliners

Ayush M Tatineni
Ayush M Tatineni

Hello Everyone! My name is Ayush and I’m in 7th grade. 

We all know that they are so many people out there on our frontlines trying to help combat COVID-19! These frontliners include doctors, nurses, hospital workers, police, firefighters, EMTs, first responders, restaurant workers, and so many more.

Every second that they take to make our lives easier, means that they have one more second to get a risk of getting infected. Many of them go home to an empty house, afraid, and not able to see their family for weeks at a time.

Many of our frontliners are at a high risk of getting depression. So, let’s all take a moment and try to cheer up our frontliners. I am not asking for money or any donation. I just want you to simply cheer up our frontliners. Let them know that we are there for them, and we care for them.

I urge you to post a video of your 3C’s. Your 3 claps. Your 3 claps should be something that comes from your heart and something that you really care about. 

My 3 claps ??? are 

I care and pray for all the frontliners out there

My second clap is, I want to express my thankfulness and gratitude for all the frontliners, and everything that they do for us.

And my final clap is, I promise to stay home to help flatten the curve 

Now I urge all of you to post your 3C’s to help frontliners all around the world and help support the 3C campaign. ???

United States of America