4 Things You Should Do Before the New Year Surprises You

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Are you keen to recreate your development path, get rid of bad habits and pick up good ones? Or will you welcome your new year with a boring to-do list from this year?

If you are ready to make changes, accept challenges and develop your strategies for a better lifestyle, then this article is definitely yours to read and share with friends.

Surprisingly, it will be 2018 in only one week. I’m excited and full of adrenaline, and I know you are, too. However, like all of us, I still have many things to do before the year ends and before I’m ready to take hold of my new year’s resolutions.

Every year, we vow to change and be a better person but we decide to wait until January 1st. We fool ourselves that positive changes must have due dates. Shockingly, they don't. So, why wait until the new year if you can change today? There is still plenty of time, let’s wrap up 2017 powerfully.

I made my call to share these 4 steps with you to help you end this year strongly rather than looking forward to a vague point of time in the future to start making positive changes.

Use the RCE method

Although it is the time of year when you start thinking about the hundreds of goals you failed to achieve and all the checkboxes you still have a check on your to-do list, it is also a good time to take a look back at the past 12 months and look for the good things that happened. Review, Check off the things you have done and Evaluate your performance (RCE). You deserve to celebrate your victories. Instead of focusing on all the things that went wrong, acknowledge your efforts. It is what brought you here and it is a key ingredient in taking you to another remarkable milestone.

Wind up unresolved projects

No one likes to go to a party with the same jeans from yesterday. So trust me, you don’t want to start your new year with a bunch of unresolved matters from the year before. If you need to finish the end of the year report, arrange for a retreat for your team or simply change your room’s decoration, do it today.

Make new year’s resolutions that you can keep

Humans have a tendency to think that new year has magical powers to awaken the sleeping motivation we need to reinvent ourselves. Although this might sound exciting, it is completely far from the truth. “Don’t vow to make huge changes because it sounds appealing to you at the moment. Instead, start small and achieve with honour,” is the golden advice I hear repeatedly from Eyad Al-Khayat, my best friend.

Set a SMART plan, inspiring goals and accurate milestones

Without a concrete plan, new year’s resolutions are meaningless and incomplete vows. Set powerful and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals that will tap into your emotional desire to achieve your dreams. Determine accurate milestones and never forget that you deserve a reward after all. So, include a special rewarding annex to use as reference later.

No matter how this year went for you, remember that it is never too late to start over and turn this year around. It is time you set aside a couple of days for yourself, go over the list above again and make sure you are in a great place to start a successful and marvellous year.

Feel free to share a memory and\or a resolution with me in the comments!

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