5 effective guidelines I am following to keep my remote team connected

5 effective guidelines!

For many of us, working remotely along our teams seem to be challenging due to the decrease of physical interactions, availabilities, and mental health issues. However, we must acknowledge that working from home is an opportunity to develop multiple strategies that would strengthen relationships and reinforce the work.

It must be stressful to manage an effective communication between your team members and keep them connected. Many may lose motivation, some may be unavailable or overworked. How can I cope with that?

Here are 5 guidelines that I am following along my team to stay connected and work passionately.

1. Set a new strategy

Considering the changes that occurred in working from home, you can accord with your team a suitable strategy that would maintain an effective and friendly environment. For example, you can diverge your goals and projects into small actionable tasks and regular deadlines taking into account the members' availabilities. This would create a certain degree of understanding and collaborative work and therefore the team remains connected.

2. Use the right instant messaging tools

Many professional communication tools have been developed to strengthen connections such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Trello, and more interesting customized channels.

Also, you can create some general or family channels that allow your remote workers to chat with each other about topics unrelated to work.

Many of these tools are accessible and easy to use once you have introduced and explained the best one to your team. By then, the work will be more organized and everyone is connected.

3. Hold weekly video meetings

Face to face interaction is highly recommended to break the traditional norms and enjoy a good time with your team. Many applications offer high quality and pleasing display that would bring joy and comfort during the call. Add your personal touch by starting the call with interesting activities or friendly talk so everyone remains excited and eager to connect. Let it be smooth and short, bring good vibes and keep smiling to everyone.

4- Strengthen friendly relations

Texting your team members is not only about work and responsibility. Ask about them, celebrate birthdays, have online games, share stories, support those in need, and motivate everyone because that's how a solid and connected team should do. Establishing fun company traditions reflects how your team is unique and connected.

5- Celebrate your team

What about praising your team for their commitment, passion, and hard work. What about thanking each one for being patient and powerful during testing times. Embrace each other as a family and arrange for an electrifying plan in nature or somewhere far from town. That's how you stay harmonious. That's how you stay connected once you recognize everyone's accomplishment and make your team feel proud.

Ultimately, The team and I have been following these golden guidelines and that had made me realize that work is not just working. Work has a meaning when you are passionate about what you are doing along your team.
The more you communicate with each other harmoniously, the more you stay connected and enthusiastic to keep going forward.