About disability and will: Be like a rose, filling the world with perfume

drawing by Samaa AL Ameer


I said to my mother :

- I am bored that I am unable to walk.

She said :

- God created you a steady rose in the earth, so why deprive the world of your perfume ?

 I told her :

- True your words, my mother.

She asked me :

- what is your perfume, rose ?

I told her :

- will, good work and success.


I can not walk, but I can fly with my dreams through my words and colors to the world. Do not stop dreaming and flying.


Disability does not interfere with beauty and joy, but beauty can move on a special chair for people with disabilities, not just on two legs. 


Because I believe in everything I wrote above, and because I believe in the will of people with disabilities, I see myself as a rose, and I will not deprive the world of my perfume.