All Girls Are Beautiful in Their Own Way


I loved my school. The days at school used to be the happiest days of my life until I went to high-school.

Luckily, I was chosen to study in a selected class. People around me, they study so well that sometimes I think I can't keep up with them. But that's not the problem.

The problem is, I am not pretty.

I usually receive jokes from the boys, or even girls. They say that I have a giant face, a big nose and a lean body. At first, I felt really sad, then all that remained was disappointment. Why did my friends do that to me? I always tried my best to please people so I would not have to hear them criticize me. As time passed by, I got used to the disparaging words, but things became worse. The people I called friends sent my pics to their group chat and the boy I liked, calling me a shameless person. My heart was broken the moment I saw my crush agreeing with them. I cried a lot.

Then came the BTS's speech for UNICEF at the United Nations. That really changed my life.

I realized that, before being loved by people, you have to love yourself first. I started loving myself by taking care of my mental health. I made new friends through the Internet, and surprisingly, many girls were facing the same problem as me. We had the same idea, so we all sat down and talked to find solutions. Moreover, I bought skincare products to treat my skin well, I went to the gym twice a week. After 3 months, I looked much better and people kept giving me compliments. They gave me compliments and forgot everything they told me when I was ugly.

But guess what? I don't care about them and what they say anymore. All girls are beautiful in their own way. That's all I wanna tell those people who force others into their moulds. And for those who are dealing with body shaming, do not listen to the haters, you are beautiful.

Remember this and your life won't stop getting brighter.

Viet Nam