Almost Lost- A BLOG SERIES!

Narrator standing with his back facing the camera against a cityscape

I have not grown up in a small town, so this is not a typical small-town-to-metro-city narration. This is more about finding friends, losing them, and knowing you can remain connected even though you live halfway across the country. This is more about growing up, loving yourself, learning how to live alone, and discovering the world that you never knew all your life could change in a moments notice. This is about college - and all the things that come with it.

You may ask me, why I am choosing to write this. Well, there are a couple of reasons. First and foremost, because I think it is essential to read about the life you eventually have to graduate into, so this is for those high schoolers who think home is going to be there forever, that everyone is a friend, and life is a cakewalk full of football tournaments, musical theatres and hot human beings.

It is also for those who did not go to college or went, but in a very different environmental setting. This is for them to show them that college can be more fun than they think!

Lastly, I decided to write this series because I think the opinion of a person who had to determine their career and life at 18, are indeed important and since most of us privileged humans are expected to do the same, you all could use a little bit of inspiration.

And I hope you are all ears because I have a lot to talk about. Some of which you might not understand because you are too young, or you may just have lived this life and might get everything from the little that I say.

Either way, I invite you on this journey to discover the life of an Indian boy, who, if not for the growing "modern" lifestyle, would have lived with his parents for the rest of his life.

First chapter out now: