Am I Mentally Prepared For School?

School and mental health

      I’m pretty sure we were all mostly begging for school during quarantine. We would tell our friends how much we miss them, and countdown the days till school is finally open. But, when it was time they announced the date, that’s when you realised, oh........shoot!

Do I have time? What should I do now? Oh no! I have to communicate with .......p-p-people.

      Scratch the physical preparations and the supplies and all , ask yourself, is my own mind capable of handling the “norm” again? We must know that we have to face changes a few times in our life. It’s never a piece of cake, so I really hope that we all are in the right state of mind for it.      

       To the students out there who often feel anxious with people, I know it’s hard. Some of you may have found your true self in quarantine and that’s spectacular! Just know that every day at school is just another day in your life so go to where your days take you and live your best self. I know things will get better. You got this!         

        Besides that, don’t ever feel the need to acquire something new in order to be happy. Maybe we can’t drastically improve our appearance or learn a skill and that’s perfectly fine. Don’t ever over-stress yourself to impress others or even your own self. Things takes time, so go at your own pace. Take a few minutes (or hours) to have some time for yourself and feel good of the things you have accomplished, even the little ones. Don’t let your peer’s achievements bring you down. Clear up your space, and take good rest so you’ll have sufficient energy in the morning.

Whether your school is starting, online or physical, or it’s just another regular day over there, i know school is tough, but so are you.