Am I Productive Enough?

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“Get your summer body in quarantine”, “Learn a new language during quarantine”, “Quarantine is a great time to write a book or start a business.”, “Be more productive during quarantine.”  Aren’t we bored of always hearing and reading those kinds of things on social media? And are we really not being productive?

I started thinking that I wasn’t being productive when all of the social media started talking about ways to be productive during the quarantine. Seeing girls eating avocado toasts or people learning new languages made me nervous about productivity. But soon I realized that I was all wrong.  I don’t need to lose weight, I don’t need to learn a new language or I don’t need to gain a new skill. Especially I am not going through a global pandemic to glow up. We are in a global pandemic right now and quarantine didn’t occur for us to be productive. It’s OKAY to take things slow and get away from the pressure. Maybe this getting away will be like watching Netflix while eating pizza or riding your bike while listening to music.

When you take things slow and feel ready to try new things or achieve a goal that you created, then it’s your time to take action. But you need to always remember that it’s not obligatory to do those things, you are just doing them because you want to. Not because someone is also doing them. And when you can’t continue for that goal you shouldn’t feel any guilt about that. To not feel guilt you have two things to do. First of all, stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone’s capacity and skills are different. And secondly, you need to always stay positive rather than productive. As we know “Staying positive opens new doors for good things.”

Make yourself a coffee, lie on your coach watch a great movie. And when you feel ready to take an action get up and do whatever you want to achieve your goal.

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