And you still think it is not our fault?

A person in nature, looking at the mountains.

During the last couple of weeks, the only thing people have been talking about is connected to the COVID-19, more known as the coronavirus. It is a horrible virus that spread around the world like wildfire and has not stopped yet. It took many lives and thousands of people all over the globe are fighting it as you are reading this. 

But with all human actions slowing down and countries going into lockdowns, some changes in nature could easily be noticed.

Life in China, and especially in Wuhan, has slowed down, if not completely stopped. Factories stopped working and roads were empty. The next thing you know, people of Wuhan were soon looking up at the clear blue sky. NASA published satellite images that are showing a massive decline of pollution above China. The space agency has reported that the decline in air pollution level is connected with economic slowdown prompted by coronavirus. According to another research, the slowdown has also led to significant decrease in CO2 emissions.

And it doesn't  stop there. Since Italy, similar to China, has been on a lockdown, water in Venice canals has cleared up. What used to be dirty canals now turned into crystal clear water. It has cleared so much that you can see fish swimming under the surface.

It was also reported that the concentration of nitrogen dioxide, which is produced by cars and power plants, decreased immensely. One climate change expert stated that people of northern Italy can expect the cleanest air ever.

In the past few years, ever since the strong fight for climate action started, people in power have been telling us that climate change, that is slowly destroying our planet, has nothing to do with us, humans. They are being ignorant, saying how there is no proof to back up our statements.

Then how would you call everything I stated above, if not proof? All the things I listed point to the same thing – we are the ones ruining planet Earth. It is emissions from human made power plants and factories, from cars and busses driven by humans that are polluting our planet.

And some still dare to think it is not our fault.