An angelic figure

A pretty girl who's my friend

Here's this dedicated to a wonderful human, A soulful person. 

It's not a fairytale or those beautiful tales of friendship we heard, rather it's spontaneity of our bond.

She's sweet and bitter. Mysterious yet scary. Angelic and savage, happiest and saddest, the mood lifter and also the one who breaks down on little things.

The world cannot have another version of you. Because there's only one you.

She's Honest to the utmost level. Caring like a God mother. Creativity is what you breathe. Motivation is what you spread. 

Guiding in the right path is what you do and expect the same with you, to be organized is what you want, but life is a tangled knot of journey with all bitterness and sweetness it possess. 

A blessing is what we got from the 24th December when you were born! 

And on this special day, Wishing you a very happy happy birthday! 

I want you to read this when you're feeling low so that it can give you the energy to overcome any hurdles and may you rise with more confidence and motivation.


Appreciate the people you have, appreciate yourself and your life.